Before I die By: Jenny Downham

Published March 10, 2011 by Hollys~BookShelf

Ok, So basically this book is about a young lady named Tessa and she has been diagnosed with

cancer. Shes 16. She has decided  to make a list of all the things she would like to do before she dies and the first thing on the list is sex. Also, you have her best friend Zoey and the cute boy she is attracted to which is her neighbor adam, Her brother cal and her mom and dad.

Its an awesome story it just pulls you in and you want to really just go with it and see what happens. When the lasts days come is the hardest. Its really well written in that aspect it kind of makes you feel like what it would be like if it was you. To have to let and go and say goodbye to the ones you love. : ( Really pulls at the heart strings and makes you want to put things into perspective and to really Live.  I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend you give it a go.  It kind of reminds me of A walk to remember, In a good way. I loved that book too! : )    Ok signing off – My Shelf


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