Envy By: Gregg Olsen

Published September 12, 2011 by Hollys~BookShelf

Synopsis:  A BLAST OF ICY AIR  blew in from her open bedroom window. The silver razor blade glinted, beckoning her.

 Katelyn  fantasized taking control of her pitiful excuse  for a life the only way she could. The bathtub was nearly full. steaming.

Just waiting. Katelyn had no idea that, not far away, someone else was doing the exact same thing. Just waiting for the right time to make a move.

What I thought about the book :

  I started this book and finished it all in the same day. I really enjoyed it. I was a bit confused with all the characters at first because you have katelyn of course the main person the book is about but, then you have all the kids  ( katelyns friends) and all their parents. Once, I got past that it went fine. I would say overall the author did a good job as far as keeping the reader interested once, I started reading i couldnt put it down. It seems like one story but, I felt like there were really 2 because you have the bus mystery as well. Im glad there is a second book coming out. Although fall 2012 seems pretty far haha, so yes, i would say this is a definite read! : )


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